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This page had gotten horribly out of date. Here's a simple scrub, to attempt to bring it up to date...

My various web pages:

These are actually current:

A "tour" of the TV towers in New Orleans

A "tour" of the WVUE Studios

Some photos of the DirecTV and Dish Network New Orleans receive facility.

Here are some web pages I wrote a moon's age ago, that may be of some historical intrest to uber-geeks:

A manual for the Linux driver for the SST 5136-DN family of devicenet interface cards that I wrote and maintained.

The quickstart help file for the Linux driver for the Matrox Meteor frame grabber. I was the driver maintainer for about 4 years and contributed quite a bit of code to it.

A help document describing how I installed Linux on my laptop, a Chicony MP-975.

An overview of the technology behind Direct Broadcast Satellite television. This was originally written in 1998, most of the text within it is the same as it was in 1998. A lot has changed about DBS since then! Particularly, the "opinion" comments I make about its picture quality, are totally obsolete. Both of the major providers have taken a terrible "quantity over quality" approach to their business. I added some annotations in January 2002 to reflect this. However, like I said, most of the text is from 1998, so consider the document "historical".

What good am I to anybody?

I am currently employed as a Sr. Software/Development Engineer for Axonn LLC. As of this writing, I've been working there for about nine and a half years.

I am a UNIX nerd. I am a Linux groupie. Linux is a freely distributed version of UNIX.

My Contributions to "Open Source" software.

My humble contributions to the "Open Source" software community, apart from pure advocacy, include:

I have written and maintain a Linux driver and programming library for the SST DN-5136 family of DeviceNet interface cards. Here is the manual for it.

For about four years I was the maintainer of theLinux driver for the Matrox Meteor frame grabber. I wrote quite a bit of the code that is currently in it.

I have written This help document about installing Linux on a Chicony MP-975 laptop computer.


Do you care?

My degree is a BS in Electrical Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University. While attending this school I was a DJ at the US's first non-commercial radio station, WRCT.

And check out the web site of the public school district where I got my primary school education.

Write to me: <>